Sunday, August 6, 2017

    Forrest Fenn's Rocky Mountain Treasure Location
                     (click on photo to enlarge)
I followed the clues of the poem and they led me to these hills:

This photo will put a kink in the last five years of hunting
Indulgence. Yes, it’s not the same frog, but ff used the
Columbian frog from the treasure on page 133. He also
used his lost wax sculpting method to match the foliage
shown here for the two nuggets. The proof is in the angle
of the frog above compared to the angle of the frog on
page 133. Also notice where the frog’s nose touches the long
nugget it is the same
location as on page 133. Also notice the dark green Pinon trees
and the surrounding lighter foliage; I’ve just outlined what
is there. More proof: look at page 115 of TTOTC the sketch
at the top of the page you’ll see in the shadows of the first hill
the same shape as the two nuggets shown on page 133 and
the photo above. Those figures are shown on a hill and not in
higher mountains (don’t go where and 80 yr old can’t go).

The red line when extended, points directly to the answer of another clue
of the poem, and if you extend the line in the other direction,
(behind the frog), it comes close to solving the last clue, but more
research is needed to make that claim absolute. 

I’ve had boots on the ground twice, but it’s a lot of area to cover,
the photo is deceiving as far as distance from top to bottom it's over
two miles, and one mile wide. If the red line signifies the frog
is pointing in the direction of the treasure; the red line extends
well beyond 20 miles.

That’s all I’m going to say about it. except if you solve the message on
page 133, you will find the answer to the nagging question why are
pages 127 thru 130 are glued together at the binding.
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